Plastic Surgery

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Our approach to plastic surgery is straightforward: to create realistic expectations for patients and achieve the results we promise.

Plastic Surgery

Enhancing people’s appearance and self-image is one aspect of our specialty, but reconstructive procedures following an injury or illness are equally important to our practice. Types of procedures include:

Cosmetic Procedures  Cosmetic procedures alter a part of the body that the person is not satisfied with.

Breast Reconstruction  A type of surgery for women who have had a mastectomy or breast removed. This type of reconstructive surgery rebuilds the breast so that it is about the same size and shape as it was before.

Reconstructive Procedures A procedure that corrects defects of the face or body due to a traumatic injury, physical birth defects, deformities, post-burn reconstruction, correction of deviated septum to improve breathing, and removal of skin cancers and pre-cancerous lesions. 

Hand Surgeries Surgery that is performed to correct an impairment in the use of your hands, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, hand fractures, tendon injuries, nerve injuries, trigger fingers, and hand and wrist cysts.

Non-Surgical Facial Treatments Treatments designed to treat lines, deep wrinkles, and are used to help lessen the appearance of blemishes, freckles, age spots, light scarring, and any number of other skin irregularities on the face.

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